As a former partner of a Zurich-based marketing & communications agency - where she was not only responsible for managing clients, but also to take care of all employees - gave her a great passion for people and bringing individuals together.

To inspire each other and to get inspired herself, that was - and still is - her credo.

The time when studying at EHL was intense - and not only because she was fighting through the schoolbooks - taking part in all possible social happenings might be the reason as well. Maybe the endless drive for new things and the great interest in all aspects of life do originate from there...?

Summarised, her "all-is-possible"-attitude, together with the high service-oriented mindset, makes her what she believes in:
there is always a way, mostly her way - trust her, it‘s a good one!

With founding Fantschella Urban AG - a dream comes true! Finding solutions, that's her thing! She will put together a bespoke fix for each of your requests.